The Christmas challenge: Pandoro or Nadalin?

The Christmas challenge: Pandoro or Nadalin?

In the challenge Panettone vs. Pandoro, Venice chooses the Pandoro. Did you know that there’s a third rival? It is called Nadalin and it is forefather of the Pandoro.

The Nadalin is a typical Christmas sweet of Verona city. The sweet was created in the 1200s in order to celebrate the first Christmas of Verona under the authority of the Della Scala family. It is not that different from the Pandoro, but it differs in its dough and its shape: compared to the Pandoro, it is less risen and therefore the dough turns out to be sweeter and more compact; it is lower and it doesn’t have a precise shape (a star shape like the Pandoro or a dome shape like the Panettone).

The Pandoro has a official date of birth: on October 14, 1884 the pastry chef Domenico Melegatti filed the recipe at the Patent Office. The patry chef got inspired by the recipe of the Levà, a risen sweet of Verona decorated with sugar crumb and almonds. He eliminated the topping in order to facilitate the leavening, while adding eggs and butter to the recipe to make the dough softer. The impressionist painter Angelo dell’Oca Bianca invented its unique shape.

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