I Tre Babai: the secret history of Venice

I Tre Babai: the secret history of Venice

Knowing a city well also means knowing its legends, traditions and secrets. Today we are talking about a legend still very popular connected to the figure of the “Babao“. It was a little devil, very funny, who loves to make jokes. Today this word is still used to refer to the famous “boogeyman.” who has always scared the children.

In the ancient Republic of Venice this term was used to indicate the “Tre Inquisitori di Stato”, the “Tre Babai“. They were three magistrates of the Supreme Court in charge of protecting the “state secrets”. There was a “Inquisitore rosso” and two “Inquisitori Neri” who were elected by the highest authorities of the government. They were very respected and feared men in the city.

If those who were discovered divulging the “state secrets” were drowned at night in the waters of the Venetian lagoon. Do you like to find out more about the secret history of Venice? You will appreciate even more its typical dishes!

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