Sweet temptations: our delicious Tiramisù

Sweet temptations: our delicious Tiramisù

Tiramisù is a typical dessert of the Italian tradition much loved all over the world.  This excellent dessert is a recent invention.  Do you know where this dessert was born? In Veneto in Treviso in 1970, although some believe it was born much earlier.

In the 60s the gastronome and actor Giuseppe Maffioli describes in his book “La cucina trevigiana” the recipe of a popular dessert that later became Tiramisù thanks to the study of the master pastry chefs from Veneto. The name “Tiramisù” was chosen in Venice by some courtiers who believed it had aphrodisiac powers. The original recipe is very simple and does not require baking. The main ingredients of Tiramisù are: eggs, sugar, savoiardi, coffee, cocoa and mascarpone. Mascarpone is a sweet cheese and its taste goes very well with the bitterness of coffee. In the original recipe there is no liqueur but some add a bit of Marsala, a Sicilian DOC wine. 

Today there are many variations of this recipe but we prepare it following the tradition. Come and taste our Tiramisù.

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