The third edition of The Venice Glass Week

The third edition of The Venice Glass Week

From 7 September, the The Venice Glass Week will be launched, now in its third edition.

The Venice Glass Week is now an internationally renowned festival, which aims to promote and showcase the art of glass making, an artisan capacity handed down for over 1000 years, for which not only Venice, but also Mestre and especially Murano , are recognized as houses of origin. The Venice Glass Week, this year, will involve over 150 artisan realities and over 180 events (mostly free admission) will be held between exhibitions, conferences, screenings, educational activities, foot races between the furnaces and award ceremonies. The promotion of the event was entrusted to the Municipality of Venice, while its creators and organizers are the Venice Civic Museums Foundation, THE GLASS ROOMS – Giorgio Cini Foundation, Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts and Promovetro Murano Consortium.

One of the most interesting innovations of 2019 is the Bonhams Prize for The Venice Glass Week, a prize established by the organizing committee, reserved for the best project of the edition. The winner will be chosen by the Jury of the prize which consists of a cash reward. The Bonhamas Prize aims to significantly involve artists and artisans in the creation of increasingly original and creative works. A festival of great impact, the only one in the world that sees the glass art as the undisputed protagonist that, for Venice and for the whole world, has an enormous historical and cultural importance. The Venice Glass Week will start on September 7th and end on September 15th, a week dedicated to curiosity, creativity and the charm of ancient glass art.

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