The exhibit Burri, between paiting and matter

The exhibit Burri, between paiting and matter

The exhibition Burri la pittura, irriducibile presenza is the perfect alternative to those who are tired of the traditional art exhibits, the oil painting and the usual panoramic paintings.

From May 10 to July 28 the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice is hosting a retrospective dedicated to Alberto Burri, exponent of the Informalism and master of the matter. It is a retrospective of 50 works that recall the most important stages his career. The focus of the exhibit and of Burri’s art is the transformation of the simple matter – sacks, plastic, ecc. – into work of art. The matter gives the name to the cycles that define the phases of its production.

At the end we suggest that you pass by Leoncini Restaurant for a good meal in order to regain energies.


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Photo by Unsplash