Sweet temptations: strawberries with cream for dessert

Sweet temptations: strawberries with cream for dessert

Strawberries are one of the most loved fruits during the summer season, even better if you taste them with whipped cream. With a bright red color and a sugary flavor, with their heart shape they give moments of sweetness.

Strawberries, besides being tasty, are very important for the physical well-being of our body; in fact they are rich in vitamin C and potassium. Their composition is about 90% water and their high content of enzymes transforms them into a real cure for accelerating the metabolism, as well as having diuretic and purifying effects. Always linked to the love life of man, a myth of ancient Rome tells that one day, Mars, jealous of the love of Venus for Adonis, turned into a wild boar and pierced him with his fangs; the tears of Venus reached the ground, wetting it: at that point heart-shaped strawberries were born. Protagonists of light snacks, they often turn into tasty desserts, accompanied by fresh sweet and enveloping whipped cream, a creamy hug to which one cannot say no.

The strawberry season is now over, hurry up to savor them at least one last time before winter! Take a look at our menu!


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