Spaghetti alla Busara: a mouth-watering proposal!

Spaghetti alla Busara: a mouth-watering proposal!

Among the tastiest dishes you can taste in Venice, you will certainly find Spaghetti alla Busara.

Recipe of Istrian and Dalmatian origins, it arrived in the lagoon after the Second World War and today, it is known as one of the most typical of the city.

The birth of the name is uncertain: someone believes that the term “busara” refers to his dialectical translation “deception“, since the fishermen prepared the sauce with tomato and wine to improve the flavor of the small fish and thus creating a sort of covering soup ; for others, the term “busara” refers to the name of the earthenware pot used on fishing boats to cook dishes.

The Spaghetti alla Busara is a first course of fish, whose protagonists, the scampi, are immersed in a tomato sauce cooked with the addition of wine; often the recipe is modified and with the scampi other crustaceans can be found.

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