The masks of Venice Carnival: Arlecchino

The masks of Venice Carnival: Arlecchino

The most important festival of the year for the city of Venice is coming: the Carnival.  Let’s find out more about the history of the mask of Arlecchino.

Arlecchino is a mask from Bergamo, whose personality is born from the fusion of the Zanni’s tradition – which are the masks that play the role of the servant of nobles and rich Venetian merchants – and the diabolic characters of the popular French tradition. In fact, its mask is black and at the beginning it had more emphasized and demoniac features that has softened over the centuries.

Arlecchino plays the role of a stupid, but also sly and brilliant servant, a thief and a liar because he is really poor and always hungry. In fact his famous multicolour costume, which was at the beginning white like the Pulcinella’s one, is the result of patches and patches of coloured fabrics.

The second Zanni is a dynamic, funny and unpredictable mask, but it is also really complex to play his role. The Harlequins are few and unique, every mask becomes the extension of the actor and in fact they have different name: the most important one is Antonio Sacco’s Truffaldino.

During Carnival it is possible to meet Arlecchino in piazza San Marco. Enjoy the festivity we are waiting for you!

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