Getting Around Venice: the Ponte della Costituzione

Getting Around Venice: the Ponte della Costituzione

If you have recently visited Venice, you can not forget the massive Ponte della Costituzione over the Grand Canal.

The Ponte della Costituzione is an imposing a architecture that crosses Grand Canal connecting Stazione di Santa Lucia to Piazzale Roma. Also known as Ponte di Calatrava, it takes its name from the Spanish architect who in 1997 gave his final design to Venice: the construction in 2003 after it got the approval of the implicated institutions and Venice Municipality. The estimated time of the construction was 1 year and half, but the bridge was finished only in 2008.

The final outcome is an arched truss bridge long 94 metres with a steel structure, paved with glass and pietra d’Istria. The parapet is also tempered glass with bronze handrail with concealed led lightning. The Ponte della Costituzione is a modern architectonic work, but it fits in the scenario thanks to its essential structure lacking visible support.

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