Getting Around Venice: the Murano Glass Museum

Getting Around Venice: the Murano Glass Museum

The Glass Museum of Venice is located on the island of Murano, inside the Giustinian palace, initially the seat of the diocese of Torcello, which was later turned into an exhibition.

The Museum was born in 1861 with the aim of telling the history of the island and gathering evidence of the life of its inhabitants. Inside, you can find works dating back to the 400s up to the present day.

The art of Murano glass is one of the most renowned in the world, but its birth cannot be easily placed within the time line; it is thought to have begun with the arrival on the island of the old inhabitants of Adria and Altino, Roman centers in which glass was already worked. What is certain is that its processing is a custom handed down from father to son and that the craft is taught to young craftsmen step by step because there are no schools or courses that can be attended. It is a precious tradition that reveals the secrets of an interesting and fascinating culture, a historical heritage of great dimensions which, it is hoped, can remain alive for a long time to come.

The Glass Museum can be easily visited thanks to a chronological itinerary that follows, step by step, the developments of the first findings of glass finds. Visiting Murano, it is also possible to witness a real processing. The artisans of the island are busy every day in the creation of jewels, chandeliers, crockery and objects of various kinds.

A visit that cannot be missed during a stay in Venice!  After the museum, go to the Leoncini restaurant: take a look at our menu!

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