The exhibition Gely Korzhev. Back to Venice

The exhibition Gely Korzhev. Back to Venice

The Russian artist Gely Korzhev comes back to Venice with the exhibition Gely Korzhev. Back to Venice at the Ca’ Foscari.

In 1962 Gely Korzhev took part to the XXXI Biennale as a representative of the Sovietc pictorial landscape. He turned out to be one of the most important artist of the Sever Style. The strict Socialist Realism became the cradle of a new trend: a new form of ceremonial art in the spirit of the heroism and of the ordinary life monumentality that gave to the Soviet artists a way out from the strict rule imposed by the Stalin’s politic and also allowed them to export the Soviet culture.

The Ca’ Foscari exposition is an out-of-the-box kind of anthological exhibit: the purpose is to recreate the Khorzev room at the Soviet pavillon in 1962 through documents, pictures and projections; and also to present to the public a sequence of his pieces. To be exact there are 50 paintings of still life and monumental nudes.

To visit the exhibit, you have time until November 3! The entry is free!

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