The Epiphany sweet is the Pinza Veneziana

The Epiphany sweet is the Pinza Veneziana

The Pinza veneziana is a traditional dessert baked on Epiphany day. The recipe is very traditional and has been handed down for many years. The Pinza is also called Torta dea marantega, because in Venetian dialect marantega means Befana. It is a rustic cake made with corn flour. The cake dough is enriched with candied fruit, raisins, ginger and dried figs.

You can also add dried fruit such as nuts, almonds and pine nuts. Anise is also added to give a special aroma. This cake is prepared during the Christmas holidays in all Venetian houses. There are many variations of this cake, each family has its own recipe. Discover all the flavours of the Venetian tradition.

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