Our dessert wines: the Lambrusco amabile

Our dessert wines: the Lambrusco amabile

Today Leoncini Restaurant wants to recommend one of his wines as complement to desserts: the Lambrusco amabile by the farm Manicardi in Emilia Romagna.

The Lambrusco amabile, or Lambrusco Grasparrosa di Castelvetro rosso, is a DOC wine, produced in the province of Modena. The term “lambrusco” refers to a series of vine variety witch black berries used to make this kind of wine, while the “amabile” is a term of the oenological lexicon and it indicates a wine with a percentage of sugar between 30 and 50 grams per litre, which is responsible of the sweet taste. It is red and it has some violet reflections.

The Lambrusco amabile is perfect at the end of the meal with desserts, but it is good also with typical dishes of the region, because its acidity cleans their greasiness up. Take a look at our menu and download our wine list!


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