An aperitif with Venezia: let’s get a Bellini

An aperitif with Venezia: let’s get a Bellini

The cocktail of Venice par excellence is obviously the Spritz, but it’s not the only one: let’s get to know about the Bellini.

The Bellini is a long drink and a sparkling one as it consists of sparkling white wine (Prosecco or Spumante Brut) and fresh pulp of white peach, which gives to the drink its typical pinkish colour and its pleasant fruity aroma.

The Bellini is a Venetian cocktail: Giuseppe Cipriani, the head bartender of the Harry’s Bar in Venice, invented it in 1948. The drink takes name from the Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini: a legend tells that Cipriani was inspired from the pink colour of a saint’s robe of the painting entitled Giambellino

In the non-alcoholic version the seltzer water replaces the wine; if you use the Champagne as alcoholic base, then you are preparing a Bellini Royal.

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